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Repair &


We use Laser Measuring Systems to detect misalignments and restore the vehicle to its proper structural alignment.



Your safety and your vehicle's value are something we take very seriously.
Our knowledge and independence set us apart from other auto body shops. .

Paint & Finish


We only use the best quality paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability. Colors are mixed by factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician to match your vehicle’s specific color.

Our Services

We provide prompt, courteous customer service and repairs done with attention to detail.



They get the job done at a reasonable price. Very efficient and I will be back. Tiffany Malta

"Beets does a wonderful job and is extremely customer service oriented." Google User

Honest, reputable and friendly! and Great at what they do! Also love the creative corner lot art which promotes safety and looks cool too! A favorite example is a totally, well..."totaled" vehicle perched on the corner w/ a sign that says "this is your car on drugs" Alison Sam Campbell