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Increase sales and gain a real competitive advantage with the Bodyshop Booster Mobile app! Remote Auto Damage Estimates, Proven Results.

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Capture More Repeat Customers:
62% of existing customer have damage on their vehicles that they would like fixed but just haven't taken the time to get an estimate. The largest obstacle is the time it takes to visit the bodyshop in person. Body Shop Booster helps you remove that obstacle.

Get 4 times more referral business:
The latest studies show that for every happy customer of yours they have a referral impact on 4.1 other people around them. The challenge is how to get them to refer you. With bodyshop booster it becomes easy and effective.

Expand your market share:
Extensive research shows that your average customer will only drive 15 minutes to get an estimate but they will travel up to 35 minutes for a repair. By harnessing the power of technology you can get customers who are outside the 15 minute window to commit to a repair appointment and thereby expand your market reach.

Boost Fleet Business:
The number one complaint of fleet customers is “Down Time” Bodyshop Booster removes the need for excess shop visits and cuts down on lost production.

Boost Insurance Referrals:
Insurance companies will suggest 3-4 shops to their clients. Studies show that 74% of customers make their decision based on convenience. Simplify the estimating process and become their first choice.

Boost Customer Pay:
All over the Globe deductibles are on the rise causing customer pay to be more and more common. Capture more work by making the estimate process easy.

Grow New Customer Base:
Ease of doing business is why 83% of people will go online to check out repair shops. Supply them with what they are looking for and capture new business.

Capture customers before they make an insurance claim:
A growing trend: Customers are afraid to make an insurance claim because they fear drastic premium increases. Capitalize on that by making the estimate process smooth and educational.

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Some Of Our Awesome Customers:

Shops all over the globe thrive with Bodyshop booster


"I went in thinking I could pick up one or two more customers per month, then I landed two major accounts. Bodyshop Booster changed my business."

Steve, Scriber, Pro Autobody


"At first we did not get a lot of results for the App, We quickly learned that it was because our customers did not know about it. Once we put it on our website, and business cards we started to see some results."

Barb Cochrane, Pro Autobody Inc.

Good job...

"The number one complaint I get from our customers is they don’t have time to visit the shop for an estimate. They are always glad when I suggest the App."

Susan Nealson, Auckland Collision


"Our customers love this tool, and it has allowed us to capture new customers from further away."

Martin Dessi, Euro Collision

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