Media Kit and Implementation Check Lists

Step 1: Website Check List

1. Add Call to Action Buttons: Get an Estimate
2. Add a visual graphic to home page: Add Link
Make your own or use the graphics below
3. Add Mobile Landing page: (Advanced)

Step 2: Email Marketing Check List

1. Add graphic with link to your email Signature
2. Send Email blast to current customers advertising your app
3. Add graphic with link to email auto responder

Step 3: Office Check List

1. Add window decal to front door
2. Hang Banner outside visual from street
3. Add front desk signage
4. Add graphics to your business cards
5. Change answering machine to include the app

Step 4: Social Media Check List

1. Add graphics to your page to let customers know about your app
2. Create weekly a new post about your estimator app
Use the graphics below as guides

Videos for Marketing Implementation

Use this Video on Social Media

Marketing Implementation

Receptionist Training

Estimating Via App Training